Dana White Plans To Bro Down W/ Tom Brady In Vegas After Raiders Purchase


Dana White

Tom Brady & Me Bro Down in Vegas


Get ready, Sin City… Dana White He says. TMZ Sports He plans to agree with Tom Brady Now the former NFL star in Vegas is lining up to become a part-owner of the Raiders!!!

The UFC honcho is so excited to see everyone’s thoughts… he says he’ll be picking up the checks when the two friends walk around at dinner!!

Of course, Brady isn’t the boss of the Raiders yet… while he is Mark Davis they have Agreed on a deal For minority ownership in an NFL franchise, the league still requires at least 24 other owners to give their stamp of approval before they all go green.

But that doesn’t seem like anything more than a formality at this point… that’s what Dana spilled.

In case you didn’t already know, the two have been buds for years — Brady actually has a bit of a UFC streak — and White has made it clear that their friendship is about to get more interesting.

“I think we have more opportunity to hang out now that it’s more in Vegas,” White said. “I don’t know about working!”

Once Brady’s official stake in the game is how he sees things with the Raiders, White tells us he has no doubt Vegas will benefit big time.

“At the end of the day, Brady’s a winner,” White said. “The man is a winner, winning is what he does. That kind of attitude and drive, and everything he can bring to the Raiders and to this city, I couldn’t be happier about that.”


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