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Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Seattle Seahawks

Getty Images

We’ve had a Julio Jones sighting in Munich.

Jones, the 33-year-old wide receiver who hasn’t done much for the Buccaneers this season, made a big play in the second quarter against the Seahawks, taking a Tom Brady pass and racing to the end zone for a 31-yard touchdown.

The combined age of the quarterback and receiver on the touchdown pass was 78, a rare feat in the NFL.

It’s been rare to see much of anything from Jones recently. He came into today’s game with just eight catches for 125 yards on the season — even worse than last year, when he had a career-low 31 catches for 434 yards for the Titans.

The Bucs now have a 7-0 lead over the Seahawks in the first game in Germany in NFL history.