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Charles Robinson and Charles McDonald bring you a new episode after a busy week of coverage as the NFL regular season draws to a close.

Pain in Phoenix As Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kyler Murray has officially announced a season-ending knee injury. Compounding that news, Cardinals GM Steve Keim resigned due to health reasons. The fans will determine the schedule for the restart in Arizona and determine who is already making the cut. After watching other pending playoff teams add depth this week, Podoo speculates whether GMs are above OBJ’s games and whether it’s worth signing him at this point given his health. The NFC South is so bad that Charles McDonald has suggested that none of the teams should make the playoffs. Atlanta named a new starter at quarterback Desmond Rieder, causing Marcus Mariota to end his season early. On the front office side, as we get closer to the offseason, the show speculates on which head coaching job is most at risk and who would be best suited to fill the gaps. The fans concluded the show by debating whether or not Dan Campbell should receive a Coach of the Year vote.

2:20 Keller Murray’s season is over after suffering an ACL tear on Monday Night Football.

10:30 What are the ramifications of OBJ signing to a team just for a playoff run?

16:10 Playoff contenders are starting to add depth ahead of January.

22:50 The winner of the NFC South should not be in the game

35:20 Teams looking for new coaches this season

46:35 Who are the top coaching candidates for the 2023 season?

54:23 Dan Campbell should be considered Coach of the Year.

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From veterans Mark J. Rebills-USA Today Sports Kyler Murray looks down the field as he is carted off.

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