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As we discussed the Chicago Bears GM over the years, one fact could not easily be overlooked. They don’t seem to have a great understanding of modern league trends or how to read the draft from year to year. Jim Finks In 1979, he prioritized backup on Joe Montana. Jerry Angelo took Cedric Benson from Aaron Rodgers in 2005. Decades have changed, but it’s impossible not to know that this franchise had a very smart man in the front office. This may have finally changed with the arrival of Ryan Pauls.

It was shocking when the Bears GM fell from #1 overall last month. Some felt he should use that opportunity to consider a change at quarterback. Barring this, he could have gotten the player he wanted. However, politicians dismissed that. He felt more worth going down. Only now, with the draft less than two weeks away, other teams may be coming to the same realization. Jeff Hughes of The Bears Blog explained.

“This is a companion draft, not a star draft. Are Tyree Wilson and Will Anderson on the same level as Myles Garrett? Is JSN or Jordan Addison Justin Jefferson? No, I think all of the players mentioned above will be great at the next level, but so will Joey Porter Jr. and Adetomiwa Adebayor. (See these two promises coming tomorrow and Wednesday.) This is the year to go back every chance you get. Because guys taken at 25 aren’t that far off talent-wise than guys taken at 11. Ryan Pauls knows this.

One of the curious things about the motion of the poles is its speed.

Why did he think of making a contract so quickly? As new rumors surfaced regarding the 2023 quarterback, Pro Football Focus’ Brad Spielberger cracked that code. Alabama’s Bryce Young is now locked in for #1 for Carolina. Most think Ohio State’s CJ Stroud #2 will go to Houston. Except the Texans are trying to trade down now. That poses a problem, as Arizona wants to move down at #3 as well. The Poles seem minutely smart to move as quickly as he did.

Ryan Pauls may not be done yet.

Rumors persist that the Bears GM is working hard to pick up the phones for a second term. The current belief is that he would like to get in the mid-teens range, securing an additional 2nd round pick. He wants to choose somewhere in the 20-45 range, most of them believe that the strength of this part of the draft. There are already whispers that Chicago has some verbal agreement with two or three teams if they have a player they want as the clock ticks down. One of those teams is Pittsburgh.

It’s even more refreshing to see a Bears GM act like this. Ryan Pauls has clearly done his homework on this draft class and has a good understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. It’s clear from the jump that the star power is lacking and that teams will eventually go cold on quarterbacks. He made his mission clear. Download the selection quickly. He did so. Now the Bears sit with a talented new receiver and three more draft picks.

Educated as a writer at the prestigious Columbia College in Chicago, Eric has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.