NFL analyst ranks NFC South as worst QB class for 2023

Fans could see some rough QB play in the NFC South in 2023.’s Adam Schein ranks each division by quarterback strength, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ranked dead last in the NFC South. Shane opined that the notion that Saints QB Derek Carr is the best quarterback in the division doesn’t encourage the QB talent he puts forward.

But Bucs QB Baker Mayfield kept his thoughts on Tampa Bay’s new signal caller short:

What is expected as a book for baking? who knows? This past season he was bad in Carolina and strong in Los Angeles. He was not legally cool Over the years, though, there has been legitimate receiver talent around in Tampa.

Schein, who is coming off a breakout season with the Cleveland Browns in 2020, may be on the mark about Mayfield. That being said, Mayfield hasn’t technically won the job yet from Bucs QB Kyle Trask, who could be in the running for the starting spot in camp.

The Falcons are looking to move out second-year QB Desmond Reeder and the Panthers are likely to start newly drafted QB Bryce Young, so it’s true that the class could be flooded in the quarterback game. The Bucs hope Mayfield or Trask can use Tampa Bay’s tools to their advantage, however, and it remains to be seen how the two will fit the bill.

The story first appeared on The Buccaneer Wire


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