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Every week during football seasons, pregame shows capture entertaining images of creatively-dressed players arriving for games. For a brief moment on Friday, it seemed as if that tradition was suddenly gone for good.

It started with this tweet from Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News: “The Giants say photography and videography outside of the Giants locker room will no longer be allowed pregame because of ‘a change in our security screening process, which was mandated by the league.’ Sounds like we may need to film departures videos instead of arrivals.”

Per the league, arrival videos will continue. There’s no change in policy regarding videos of players showing up for games.

The issue comes from the manner in which the Giants will screen team bags. It will happen in a spot outside the locker room. The NFL prohibits filming of the screening procedure, for security purposes.

“The team is working on a solution for tonight and the rest of the season,” a league spokesperson said.

So there’s the answer. The age of arrival videos has not ended.



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