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Both the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears are looking for affirmation that their hopes of improved play are for real. For the Lions, it’s the hope that last week’s defensive performance against the Green Bay Packers was the start of a serious turnaround. Going into the game, the Lions defense ranked worst in the league by several metrics. The run defense was leaky and the pass defense was hopeless. But the Lions picked off Aaron Rodgers three times last week off the strong performances from their rookie class, specifically Defensive Player of the Week safety Kerby Joseph and linebacker—and recently slimed—Derrick Barnes.

The Bears pose an entirely different challenge, though. Their optimism is riding on the shoulders of quarterback Justin Fields, who is on a streak of four impressive games. The Bears have unleashed Fields as a rushing weapon, and it’s opened up the entire offense. Through the first five games, the Bears averaged just 17.2 points. In the past four games, it’s been 25.3.

So which performance is more “real”? Can the Lions break their road winless streak? Will Jared Goff turn around a poor month of football that has resulted in Lions fans losing faith in him?

Here’s what our staff is predicting for Lions vs. Bears, Week 10.

Jerry Mallory (6-2): 27-24 Bears
Hamza Baccouche (6-2): 27-24 Bears
Kellie Rowe (6-2): 24-17 Lions
Morgan Cannon (5-3): 34-31 Bears
Kyle Yost (5-3): 24-20 Bears
Ryan Mathews (4-4): 24-20 Lions
Jeremy Reisman (4-4): 31-24 Bears
Mike Payton (3-5): 31-28 Lions
John Whiticar (3-5): 28-24 Lions
Erik Schlitt (3-5): 29-27 Lions
Alex Reno (2-6): 28-25 Lions
Chris Perfett (0-0-8): 21-21 Tie

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Now it’s your turn to make your predictions. Vote in the poll below and share your score predictions in the comment section below.