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American football: NFL professional league, fan forum

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DirecTV in 2010 It has held the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket Package since its inception in 1994. After the next four Sundays, DirecTV comes out.

So who gets in? It is still to be decided. But it is clear that it will be decided soon.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said at a press conference following the Texas meeting on ownership that he proposed a “very short” reform of ownership rights.

“I would say it’s at a critical point for us,” Goodell said. “We have had a lot of interest in this and we will continue. Our decisions are not based on time. They are based on good results with the best party.”

The Sunday Ticket product will be released in 2023. For months, Apple was considered the frontrunner. But it’s hard to get the maximum package without multiple parties clamoring for the deal.

And this may be the reason for the delay. The NFL hasn’t found what it’s looking for yet, so why not wait?



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