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Seahawks linebacker Darrell Taylor committed one of the most surprising penalties you’ll see in an NFL game on Sunday — except it wasn’t a penalty because the officials didn’t see it.

It happened on the Raiders’ first offensive play, an interception thrown by Seahawks safety Derek Carr. Quandre Diggs. of Video of the game Taylor’s No. 52 is clearly visible on the sideline when Diggs intercepts a pass. Taylor then ran down the field and blocked the Raiders wide receiver. During a Diggs interception, Mack Hollins returned it before continuing to celebrate after Diggs ran out of bounds.

Of course, this is a penalty, but the officials did not notice and did not throw a flag. The replay official should have noticed, but he didn’t – all transfer plays must be reviewed live and it’s a penalty that can be reviewed whether or not 12 players are called on the field. The Raiders couldn’t challenge the game because it was a turnover; Replays can only be on the top floor.

What was Taylor thinking? When he made the diving catch and ran down the field in celebration, thinking it was game over, Diggs must have thought he was down on contact. But if he was on the field and the game was still in play, Taylor was involved in illegally blocking Hollins.

It was a bad mistake by Taylor and a bad mistake by the officials.

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