The Bengals have a top 10 average score for the 2023 NFL Draft

of Cincinnati Bengals They seemed to receive rave reviews across the board for their performance in the 2023 NFL Draft.

That’s a sentiment reflected in a collection of NFL draft results for the Bengals.

It also features an annual look at NFL draft rankings from 29 different evaluators. Compiled by Rene Bugner, the annual exercise features nearly 30 different draft rankings for each team, then a spreadsheet ranked by overall best overall score.

There, the Bengals rank 10th with a 3.22 grade, besting Philadelphia’s 4.12.

Notably, the only evaluator to give the Bengals a grade worse than a B on their performance was the New York Post, which gave the Bengals credit for their effort.

Check out the graph:

All in all, the helpful exercise reiterates the point that the Bengals had a strong showing in the draft, although one can’t really judge until the class three and a half years later.

Seeing it against the rest of the NFL in this context, however, reaffirms that the team’s strategy that has produced an annual contender has worked.


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