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Chicago Bears vs Tennessee Titans

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The Raiders’ strategy to improve hang time is not allowed on kickoffs.

The NFL has now reversed course and will no longer allow holders to hold the ball on the tee, according to

Raiders coach Josh McDaniel explained that instead of putting the ball in the net, the Raiders came up with a bright idea to put the ball on the top of the tee, which would raise the ball a little off the ground and give punter Daniel Carlson a chance to get under the play. Get the ball better and more time on his kickoffs. McDaniel said the Raiders first got clarification from the NFL that a catcher was allowed to catch the ball on top of the tee, and the league confirmed it was legal.

“A couple of weeks ago they clarified the rule that you’re allowed to hold the ball on the top of the tee, so we got a good shot, you can add more time to the shot, and I think they saw it. Daniel used that to our advantage,” McDaniel said. “That’s the rule. They explained it a few weeks ago. We will try to do that to help you get some benefits.

However, after discussing the matter with the competition committee, the refereeing department of the league decided that only footballs can be allocated. in T and not on T. Catches can still be used on kickoffs when the wind might blow the ball off the tee, but not to get the hanging time advantage the Raiders wanted.



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