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Now that Tom Brady has moved to the 40-over bachelor list, and after his ex Gisele Bündchen seems to have found another partner, the question on everyone’s mind about the 7-time Super Bowl winner’s social life is: who could be his new partner?

Brady has a reputation for good taste. His first known partner was actress Bridget Moynahan, with whom he had his first son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan. After ending his relationship with her (they never married), Brady began dating – and later married – Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, with whom he had two more children, Ben and Vivian.

Tom may choose to hang out with a celebrity again

Given the above examples, it is very likely that the next time Brady will date a woman again it will be a celebrity, be it from the world of sports, show business or fashion.

The tabloids are already buzzing with some of the names that TB12 could start a relationship with, and the list isn’t bad at all. Here we present you who are the women who most likely can be a potential partner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ QB:

Adriana Lima

If Brady wants to make Gisele jealous, one of the favorites to do so is another Brazilian model, Adriana Lima. She is 41 years old, 1.78, has three children just like Tom and has been divorced since 2016. Watch out Gisele, that Adriana could take your place in Tom’s heart.

Alessandra Ambrosio

And if not Lima, another Brazilian supermodel could be Alessandra Ambrosio. Just like Lima, she is 41 years old, has two children, is 1.77 and is also without a partner since 2018. So the stars are arranged for TB12 to continue his sentimental life with some supermodel countrywoman of Gisele.

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and at 36 years old she could start a relationship with Brady considering she is attracted to powerful men. But after the trial against Depp, in which she did not look very good, it would be difficult for her to make a match with Brady.


Both are 45 years old, have children and are coming out of breakups that were very mediatic. If Tom has a taste for South American women – remember that Gisele Bundchen is Brazilian – there is a possibility that he could set his sights on another couple from the region, such as Colombian Shakira. Betting site uStadium has Shakira at +900, the highest odds on their list, to end up with Brady.

Kim Kardashian

She may be the most famous bachelorette today. Although she doesn’t seem to be Brady’s type, if they were to couple up it would be a phenomenal media coup that would be talked about day in and day out. The possibility is a long shot, but Kim had to make the list.