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NFL legend Tom Brady once saved Sidney Crosby’s career by giving him a valuable tip. Their unexpected connection played a pivotal role in saving Crosby’s NHL career and it shows how a small piece of advice could make such a big difference.

Sidney Crosby, the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, has long been hailed as a hockey prodigy. Yet, even the most gifted athletes are not immune to the vagaries of injuries. In 2011, Crosby suffered a concussion that rendered him sidelined for nearly a year. The effects of the concussion were severe, causing debilitating headaches and dizziness, and raising concerns about his future on the ice.

However, a twist of fate would soon steer Crosby toward a surprising solution to his troubles. It turned out that his symptoms were not solely the result of the concussion itself. Months of medical examinations and treatments had failed to identify the true source of his woes—a neck injury that had gone undetected.

Enter Tom Brady, the revered NFL quarterback widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. In 2012, Brady came to the rescue by suggesting a path to recovery that would prove to be a game-changer for Crosby.

The quarterback directed Crosby to his trusted health guru, Alex Guerrero, who had successfully aided Brady in his own journey back from a knee injury.

Tom Brady said,

“Hey, there’s a specialist that you could see. He’s out in Utah.”

It was a leap of faith for Crosby, but he heeded Tom Brady’s advice and made his way to Utah to consult with Guerrero.

Alex Guerrero’s expertise in healing and recovery proved invaluable to Crosby’s situation. The specialist identified Crosby’s injury as a soft-tissue neck problem, rather than a fracture—a crucial distinction that had evaded medical professionals until then. With this revelation, the correct course of treatment could finally be pursued, offering Crosby the prospect of returning to the ice in top form.

Tom Brady’s advice proved to be miraculous for Sidney Crosby

The impact of this intervention was profound. The treatment allowed Crosby’s neck injury to heal, alleviating the pressure on his brain and ultimately putting an end to his persistent symptoms. As a result, Crosby was able to rejoin his team and continue his remarkable NHL journey.

As of today, Sidney Crosby has completed an astounding 18 NHL seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He boasts 1,190 games played, with 550 goals, 952 assists and an impressive +210 plus-minus rating. His accomplishments include two Hart Trophies, two Conn Smythe Trophies and three Stanley Cups.

Edited by
Nicolaas Ackermann