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New Jersey Devils’ American professional ice hockey center Jack Hughes recently found himself at the center of a lighthearted incident that has left NHL fans in splits.

During a beachside video, Hughes was captured in a cheerful moment surrounded by a group of friends, which included both girls and boys. In a true testament to his playful nature, he engaged in a humorous warmup speech that left those present—and later, the hockey community—laughing.

In the video Hughes’ said,

“This is what it comes down to, heart, not boobs. It comes down to heart,”

“This is what it comes down to, heart, not boobs. It comes down to heart.”

Jack Hughes has a way with words

: jackyzegras/TT

The comment, made in a jovial context, highlights the relaxed atmosphere that athletes share in their personal lives. However, it caught the attention of many.

Fans have wasted no time chiming in with their thoughts on this memorable moment.

One fan humorously labeled Hughes,

“He’s the frattiest NHL player I can think of.”

Another fan’s observation, deemed it the

“least cringe Jack Hughes moment.”

@spittinchiclets Least cringe Jack Hughes moment

One fan, in jest, humorously remarked,

“If I was Jack Hughes, my di*k would fall off by my 25th birthday.”

@spittinchiclets Oh boy! He needs sensitivity training now!

@spittinchiclets If I was Jack Hughes my dick would fall off by my 25th birthday 🤣

@spittinchiclets He’s Gronk of the NHL

@spittinchiclets Yikes. He better watch out for the cancel crowd

@spittinchiclets “Heart, not boobs” – Jack Hughes

@spittinchiclets What a beauty

@spittinchiclets Damn spring break already for high schoolers?

@spittinchiclets Living legend!

@spittinchiclets Such eloquence

@spittinchiclets Dominating on and off the ice

As fans continue to enjoy these spontaneous and candid moments, it’s clear that Jack Hughes has not only earned his place as an NHL player but also as someone who can bring a genuine smile.

Jack Hughes’ personal life and his family with hockey connections

Jack Hughes, a rising star in the world of ice hockey, comes from a family of hockey players. Born in Orlando, Florida, he was raised in Toronto, Ontario, where he cultivated his passion for the game.

The hockey pedigree within the Hughes family is impressive. Hughes’ older brother, Quinn, was selected by the Vancouver Canucks in the seventh round of the NHL Entry Draft. His younger brother, Luke, a player for the University of Michigan, was chosen by the New Jersey Devils in the fourth round of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft.

The hockey lineage continues through their father, Jim Hughes, a former Providence College hockey player and team captain. Jim Hughes also contributed to the sport as an assistant coach for the Boston Bruins and as the director of player development for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sports prowess extends to the maternal side as well. Jack’s mother, Ellen Weinberg-Hughes, excelled in ice hockey, lacrosse, and soccer during her time at the University of New Hampshire. Her accomplishments led to her induction into the University of New Hampshire Sports Hall of Fame in 2012. Ellen also secured a silver medal as a member of the United States women’s national ice hockey team in 1992.