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NHL’s Alex Wennberg and his wife Felicia have taken to social media to address the incessant harassment from TikTok’s book community after fans have made countless sexually charged fan fiction videos of the Seattle Kraken’s player.

Commonly referred to as “BookTok”, the community of content creators discuss, review or promote books on the social media platform. A particular sub-community focuses on hockey-themed romances using actual NHL players as main fictional characters.

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Wennberg, the 28-year-old father hailing from Sweden, was the latest subject of BookTok’s fixation. What started out as a harmless theme developed into overtly sexual content about the player.

A popular BookTok content creator by the name Kierra Lewis, with over 1.1 million followers, made several videos about Wennberg. The Seattle Kraken went so far as to encourage her social media account which began as playful content, following her on social media, leaving comments on her posts and even sending her a team jersey.

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The official Kraken TikTok account posted a number of fan edits in a bid to capitalize off BookTok’s popularity, however later deleted content related to the community following Wennberg’s statements.

Felicia posted a series of stories on her Instagram page calling creators out on their sexual harassment of her partner. While initially making light of it, she felt as though the line had been crossed after posts turned into “predatory and exploiting” content.

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“What doesn’t sit with me is when your desires come with sexual harassment, inappropriate comments and the fact that, with the Internet, we can normalize behavior that would never be OK if we flipped the genders around to a guy doing this to a female athlete,” she wrote.

She then asked the community to “think twice” about the comments they make about “humans with feelings.”

Days later, Wennberg published his own response defending his wife against the “vile comments” she received, including on photos of their 2-year-old son.

“The aggressive language about real life players is too much,” he wrote. “It has turned into daily and weekly comments on our personal social media. This is not something we support or want our child to grow up with. All we ask for is a little respect and common sense moving forward. We can all take a joke and funny comments but when it turns personal and into something bigger that effects our family, we need to tell you that we’ve had enough. Enough of sexual harassment, and harassment of our character and our relationship. Thank you for your understanding.”