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The NHL Scouting Combine returned to Buffalo on Saturday, with all 32 teams in Nashville getting one last chance to evaluate this big league prospect ahead of the 2023 NHL Draft.

Fitness testing was a central part of the combine and the teams had the opportunity to meet individual expectations.

Here’s a list of all the exercises each viewer participated in (with a brief explanation) and who finished in the top 10.

of Functional activity screen It uses a scoring system (0 to 3) to assess a player’s mobility and stability in seven movement tests: deep squat, hurdle step, in-line lunge, shoulder mobility, active straight leg raise, trunk stability press, and rotational stability.

Activity screen total score

Tensile strength: The athlete adjusts the handgrip dynamometer to the size of the arm, fully extends the arm, and squeezes the dynamometer as hard as possible. The test is conducted on both hands.

Left hand grip (pounds)

Right hand grip (pounds)

The athletes Aerobic fitness — that is, the ability of their cardiovascular and respiratory systems to deliver oxygen to their muscles — is assessed “by measuring the amount of oxygen used during intense exercise and the amount of expired air.”

Trial period

VO2 max (ml/kg/min)

Fixed height: An athlete stands against a wall (barefoot, heels together with the backs of the feet touching the wall) and their height is measured to the nearest quarter of an inch.

wing The athlete stretched his arms directly to his sides. Wingspan measures from the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the middle finger to the nearest quarter inch.

Wings (inches)

Body composition as a percentage of body fat

Standing long jump: Athlete stands with feet slightly apart and toes behind the jump line. Using arm swings to assist, the athlete jumps as high as possible.

Long jump (inches)

Jump Station (AccuPower Dual Force Plate System): The AccuPower Dual Force Plate system is used to objectively measure the direction, intensity and timing of the three-dimensional (3D) forces produced by the athlete during hockey-related movements. The AccuPower system captures synchronized video data from two high-speed cameras and maps the 3D power vector output from each leg. The test provides immediate feedback, allowing teams to assess mobility, fitness and injury potential.

There are three types of jumps: Vertical jump (hand wave) No arm jump. (no hand waving / hands on hips) and Jump squat (squat start / hands on hips). Each jump trial consisted of three high-effort vertical jumps separated by a 10-second rest. The athlete’s best vertical jump height from three attempts of each jump is recorded.

Vertical Jump (inches)

No Arm Jump (inches)

Squat Jump (inches)

Using a standard tile Bench pressThe athletes lie on their backs, lifting 50 percent of their body weight, holding a barbell with their thumbs shoulder-width apart. The starting position is with fully extended arms – the bar goes down to the chest, and after a short pause, the athlete pushes the bar as fast as possible until their arms are fully extended.

Each player performs three repetitions at maximum speed, pausing between each rep. A device is used to measure the speed of the bar and the athlete’s power output.

50 percent of body weight (power – watts / kg)

Pro Agility TestThe 5-10-5 yard shuttle (or 15-30-15 feet) assesses multi-directional speed, agility and overall body response and control. Each player starts one sequence to the right and one sequence to the left.

Pro Agility left (seconds)

Pro Agility Right (seconds)

Pull-up: Athlete performs as many consecutive pull-ups as possible while maintaining proper technique.

Serial Pull Ups (# of Max)

Wingate cycle ergometer test: The athlete warms up by pedaling with little resistance for two minutes. When the starting order is given, the player performs the following intervals while sitting.

Average Power Output (Watts/kg)

Graphics courtesy of Erica Vanderveer. Combine test data courtesy of the NHL.



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