Trade Darnell Nurse for Erik Karlsson? No way –

EDMONTON – It’s Mailbag Friday, and we’ve got some cute ones.

So far, people have been trading Darnell Nurse, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Phillip Broberg, and Jack Campbell. and Kyler Yamamoto.

I’m not sure we’ll see this much action, but we asked for your questions and we got them.

get started.

“Hey Spec, would a trade around Darnell Nurse for Erik Karlsson make the Oilers defense better? The money is close, the Oilers should add. If they’re all going in, why not take the best offensive defenseman? “ – @Hitthenet1

Newsflash: The Oilers are undefeated in Round 2 as they average 3.67 goals per game (second only to Boston in the playoffs). They lost because they couldn’t hold a lead, they couldn’t allow two goals or less, they couldn’t score three goals on any given night.

If I’m trading Nurse — and I’m not — I’d bring back a player like Adam Larson or Brayden McNabb. Probably Jonas Brodin, or a clone of Matthias Ekholm.

I repeat: I am not trading nurses. But if I do, it won’t be a man for a disaster like Carlson.

As we said at the trade deadline, with people looking for Karlsson and Jakob Chicheru, this type of defenseman is the last thing Edmonton needs.

“What do you think when Corey Perry signs a cheap 1-year deal for the Bottom 6? Guy still has game left and can play the role well. – @OILfaninCowtown

Who wouldn’t have Perry in the bottom 6 if they’re chasing a trophy? There are not many years left, but there is at least one, for sure. Perry can play for my team every day.

“Hey Mark, will Edmonton win a title with McDavid and Draisaitl? Or are they doomed to consecutive playoff exits, because the NHL has made it so difficult for Canadian teams to succeed?” – @Alclembee

How did the NHL “make it so hard” for Canadian teams? Edmonton has more financial resources than more than 90 percent of US-based teams. They also received four No. 1 overall picks in a six-year span — named McDavid.

When they joined the NHL, they managed to keep Wayne Gretzky – with the interest of many American owners.

Canadian fans will show up and spend their money, win or lose. It’s not like Denver or San Jose. Canadian cities (other than Toronto) have zero competition from the NBA, MLB, college sports, etc. They are one-horse cities when it comes to sports dollars, with apologies to the CFL and MLS.

If the Oilers can’t win a title with McDavid and Draisaitl, it’s on the Oilers. It’s not the NHL.

“Lucic or Puljujarvi get PTO somewhere in the NHL? – @Dven99

Milan Lucic will have a few teams to choose from this summer, and will sign a one-year contract worth $1-million. He is a capable fourth line NHL winger and will make your team better.

Jesse Puljujarvi? It’s 50/50 for me if he gets a one-year deal or goes to someone’s camp on PTO. A return to Finland – or a league like Switzerland – is also a viable option, and one he has opted for in the past.

One is a bona fide NHL player, the referee is just 25 years old in the other. As Craig McTavish once said, “If you ask the question, you probably don’t know the answer.”

“Do you believe that your aggressive actions against underperforming players will help them or hurt them more?” – @The_BeardedBrad

Here’s a point: Players, coaches and GMs don’t really care what Mark Spector says about their jobs. And if they do – if it negatively affects their performance – they don’t need them anyway.

Because winning is harder than talking to a reporter. If you can’t handle me, you’ll be useless in the third period of Game 7.

“The Future of Broberg? He’s proven good in a sheltered 3rd pairing role and needs a chance…they should consider moving him, no? Can’t find it again as a 7D. @RangerBob94

Philipp Broberg turns 22 in a month. He has played four pro hockey games – two in Sweden, two here – but 38 games in the AH and 69 in the NHL. Nurse was put in a bad spot when he was suspended against Vegas, and Broberg didn’t do the job. Injuries have also slowed him down.

If I were Ken Holland come training camp, I’d say, “You’re going to Bakersfield by January 1st, and you’re going to play right instead of left.” If you’re killing it, we’ll give you a shot in Edmonton in the second half. At the trade deadline, we’ll make a decision on whether you’re a top-6 defenseman for a Cup contender, someone who still needs extra seasoning as a No. 7, or maybe a player looking for a second chance elsewhere.

He played just 107 professional games in North America, and played less than 10 minutes in most of them. Patience.

“Why keep RNH (Ryan Nugent-Hopkins)? Nothing but PP with Conor. For the money he brings. – @Randyhorst3

Well, Randy, 104 points for a $5.125 million cap is actually more than double what Nugent-Hopkins is paying.

Many NHL people say that a 10-point player makes roughly $1 million, a 50-point player is worth $5 million, and so on. I was disappointed with Nugent-Hopkins’ performance in the postseason, and that Oilers management – and perhaps his teammates – were as well.

He wasn’t good enough, and was pushed out of the game in LA and Vegas.

But you need players to get you to the playoffs, and very few in the NHL punched above their weight like RNH did last season.


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