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Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the NFL, and there’s not much doubt about it. But in a bit of a surprise, Justin Jefferson was No. 2 in the recently unveiled “Top 100 Players” list that the league compiles by polling players.

The Top 100 Players list shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as some players voting on it have acknowledged they don’t take the voting too seriously themselves. And Mahomes was an obvious choice, coming off his second regular season MVP and second Super Bowl MVP.

But the fact that Jefferson, a wide receiver who’s still just 24 years old, came in No. 2 is an impressive indication of just how much respect he has garnered in the league through his first three seasons.

Here’s how the Top 10 came out:
1. Patrick Mahomes
2. Justin Jefferson
3. Jalen Hurts
4. Nick Bosa
5. Travis Kelce
6. Joe Burrow
7. Tyreek Hill
8. Josh Allen
9. Micah Parsons
10. Chris Jones



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