Google is currently testing the next version of Android Auto, and many people can try the new update through the beta program. However, the Android Auto design known to many as “Coolwalk” was not available on cars with rotary input until this week.

In the last 48 hours or so, several users on the Android Auto subreddit have discovered that their devices have been redesigned on cars using a rotary input style. Those who saw the change say it happened so quickly, at least one user went into a store on the old interface and returned to their vehicle with the new design.

First, it appears that Google is preventing cars with rotary input from using Coolwalk, perhaps while the company is developing experience with that input method. Many have reported that the beta live version has taken over the old interface on cars with a rotary dial, even though they have signed up for the beta program and can use the experience on cars with touchscreens.

In particular, a recent Android Auto bug on the old interface partially broke the rotary dial for some, but that seems unrelated.

Touchscreens are common in modern cars that support Android Auto, but it’s rare to find this style of control in cars from Mazda, BMW, and Acura.

Android Auto’s beta program is still required to get the “Coolwalk” redesign, though the program has been full for the past several weeks since Google first announced the rollout. It’s still unclear if Google intends to roll out this redesign to all users, but it’s good to see progress being made.

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