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Two days ago, Bungie deleted it. Fate 2 servers as the studio looked into an issue where players were losing progress on in-game challenges. This outage lasted a little longer than everyone expected, with the free-to-play loot shooter remaining offline for nearly 20 hours. So what happened? Today, Bungie pulled back the curtain and explained what went wrong and why it had to return the game, erasing hours of people’s progress in the process.

January 24th around 2:00 pm., Bungie tweeted that it was taking Destiny 2 offline while investigating an “ongoing issue that caused certain achievements, seals, and catalysts to lose progress for players.” A few hours later, at 5:51 p.m., Bungie tweeted He said that he had found a solution to the issue and was trying, but he could not say when and when Fate 2Servers come back online. Four hours later Bungie tweeted For the last time that night, announcing that Fate 2 Can’t play that night. 12 hours later, around 9:55 am, Bungie has finally announced that it has solved the problem And the servers will come back online following the hotfix. The nearly 20-year layoff has some players concerned about the health and future of the game. After years of bugs and botched updates, it’s really starting to feel like this. The seven-year-old shooter is held together with duct tape.

So what happened in those 20 hours and why did the game go on so long with little warning? Bungie explained what was broken, why and how it was fixed. His latest blog post. And surprisingly, the developer is more transparent than you think, going to the technical details of the matter.

According to Bungie, shortly after releasing the previous update (Hotfix for the game, players started reporting that many achievements, seals and boosts were missing. Bungie realized this happened after moving some “currently incomplete” challenges to a separate location in the game’s data. To do this, Bungie used a “very powerful” tool that allows the studio to display the player’s game status and account. Apparently, due to a configuration error, Bungie accidentally re-ran the “legacy state migration process” used in the previous update. Due to this bug, the device copied the old data from this previous update to the current version of the game, essentially undoing some players’ recent in-game achievements.

“After discovering that the issue resulted in loss of player state, we downloaded the game, restored the player database, and investigated how to remove the dangerous change from the build,” Bungie wrote.

After creating a new article and removing the wrong change, the problem was fixed, and after some testing, Bugni deployed the update. However, due to this patch, all player accounts had to be rolled back a few hours before the difficult update went live. This means that any player who made a bet between 8:20 and 11:00 on January 24 will be forfeited. Any purchases made during this time are refunded.

While it’s unfortunate that the game has been delayed for so long and the team has had to spend what seems like a long time to fix their mistakes, it’s refreshing to see the developer being open and honest about what happened and how it was fixed. . At a time when games seem more hacked than ever and gamers are fed up with delays, outages, and broken updates, it’s smart to pull back the curtain and show everyone how hard it is to make, maintain, and maintain video games. Fate 2.

hopefully, New next month Fate 2 expansion, A flash of lightAnd the upcoming Season 20 release will be a little smoother than this latest 20-hour shakeup.


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