Fire sign participation It’s just around the corner, set to launch on January 20th. And on Thursday, a trailer introduced the new hangout spot where you and your allies can spend time between battles: Somniel, a green floating fortress. In the trailer, the main character — with a giant Colgate-ass red and blue hair — runs through Somniel’s lush setting, showing off exciting moves. Like previous Fire Emblem episodes, this one promises fun shenanigans like flying a wyvern, shopping for fancy clothes, reading your fortune – and classic bonding activities like sharing food and fishing.

Somniel is full of places to prepare for your battles. You can buy armor and other items in the game square. There’s a ring section where you can store the rings you’ve collected and craft new ones – a new gameplay feature that allows players to boost their stats. You can also fight in the arena and do a series of battles in the Tower of Trials to gain experience.

Best of all, there are plenty of activities to do with your companions in Somniel, such as sharing (possibly more) meals at Cafe Terrace to boost your companions’ stats. You can also work together, read your fortune, drive around the Wyvern in the sky through a course, and fish (of course). There’s a freakin’ farm where you can take care of the animals you find on your adventures – the trailer shows a cat snuggling with a donkey, a beagle and a camel. There is also a very beautiful creature called Somi who “has been here since time immemorial” and gives luck to those who do well.

The trailer also revealed fashion customization options – like different shades of clothing and accessories you can buy for yourself and your companions. You can also take a nap in your dank, large bedroom; But a beautiful partner can wake you up, like one Animal Crossing: New Horizons A villager will appear at your house.

Fire Emblem fans know how much downtime between battles can be spent chatting with allies and doing silly things. in Fire sign: three houses Players roam the hallowed halls of Garreg Mach Monastery, earn activity points by cooking fish skewers and eating 17 meals a day with students – all used to bond with each other before sailing off into battle. You can have a sword fight with Felix in the training grounds, take Dorothea (and her little hat) to practice singing, or try to wake up Lindhardt.

Even Fire Emblem WarriorsHe took the latest musou franchise, giving the players leisure activities such as tea parties, horse riding and dusting with their students.

I can’t wait to meet you. Fire sign participationNew allies, and enjoy exciting journeys and activities with them – even if they all come to the fore on the battlefield.

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