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Apple Watches always come with default faces that get the job done, but many other options can add a bit of style to your look, provide a lot more information, display a fun or cool character, and add brand-new functionality. Switching Apple Watch faces is quick and easy in watchOS, so you can try out as many as you like until you find what works best for you. In pursuit of that goal, here are all the best free Apple Watch faces you should consider checking out.

These watch faces are all free, and you can get them by long pressing your Apple Watch and swiping over to New +, or opening the Watch app on your iPhone and tapping Face Gallery.

Best for Customization: Modular

What We Like

  • Lots of information.

  • Five customizable complications.

  • Well-organized.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sixth complication is just a toggle.

  • Kind of busy.

Modular is one of the most highly customizable faces available for Apple Watch. It features six complications, five of which are completely customizable, in a compact and well-organized format. The sixth complication is a simple date toggle though, which doesn’t provide any additional customization options. This is a great face if you want to have a bunch of information available at a glance, but some will find it to be a bit busy.

Best for Alternate Calendars: Lunar

What We Like

  • Displays your choice of lunar calendars.

  • Four customizable complications.

  • Analog and digital options.

What We Don’t Like

  • Very focused on lunar calendar data.

  • Amount of data can be overwhelming.

The Lunar watch face displays your choice of lunar calendars, including Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic. Apple Watch used to provide the option to use these calendars, but updating Apple Watch to watchOS 9 removed that feature. That leaves this watch face as your best option if you need at-a-glance access to one of these lunar calendars.

This is a gorgeous watch face with four customizable complications. Still, it can seem complicated and difficult to discern precisely what you’re looking at if you aren’t already familiar with one of these three lunar calendars. This is a must-have watch face if you like to track the phases of the moon or need access to a Chinese, Hebrew, or Islamic lunar calendar, but others will find less utility here.

Best Classic Face: Metropolitan

What We Like

  • Classic design.

  • Four complications.

  • Good for informal and semi-formal settings.

What We Don’t Like

  • Pretty basic.

  • Not the best for formal settings.

This classic watch face design has clean lines and a sensible layout. It’s very minimalist in design but provides four customizable complications in the corners. The face and dial offer color customization, so it’s easy to match this face to your attire any day. It straddles the line between utility and aesthetics with a decent amount of information that doesn’t get too complicated, making it well-suited to everyday use in informal and formal settings. You may want to look to a slightly more austere option, like the California face, for formal settings, but this will do in a pinch.

Best AI-powered Face: Siri

What We Like

  • Automatically-generated cards.

  • Shows you what you need when you need it.

  • Lots of useful information.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only two complications.

  • Limited color options.

  • No control over what’s displayed.

Apple’s Siri-powered watch face leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you with the information you’re most likely to need at any given time in the form of info cards that work like Smart Stacks that are always presented front and center. Siri can choose from cards based on Apple’s first-party apps and several compatible third-party watchOS apps.

You can’t choose what Siri displays on the cards, which some users will find frustrating, but Siri does a pretty good job of guessing what you need based on the time of day, your location, your routine, and other data. Two cards appear on-screen at any given time, and you can scroll through more using the digital crown. It also includes two small complications that you do have control over.

Best for Stargazers: Astronomy

What We Like

  • Display the earth, moon, or solar system.

  • See the positions of the planets.

  • Fun time travel feature. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Only two complications.

  • Limited to text complications.

The Astronomy watch face displays a 3D image of the Earth, the moon, or the entire solar system. It’s a beautiful watch face that’s great for amateur astronomers since it can show the planets’ relative position and the moon’s current phase. If you select the Earth option, it updates in real-time to show which parts of the planet are illuminated by daylight and which are currently under the shadow of night.

This face also includes a fun time travel feature, where you can tap the watch face and rotate the digital crown to fast forward or reverse time to show the planets orbiting the sun, the day-night cycle on Earth, or the moon’s phases. The only drawbacks of this watch face are that it only displays two complications, which are limited to text.

Best for Lots of Complications: Infograph

What We Like

  • Highly customizable with eight complications.

  • Capable of showing multiple timers.

  • Classic sports-watch face.

What We Don’t Like

  • Too busy for some people.

  • No digital time display option.

If you need to keep tabs on information from many different sources, run multiple timers, or enjoy having a lot of customization options, the Infograph watch face delivers. This watch face lets you customize eight complications, five of which can display text and graphics and three circular ones that can only display graphics. It’s even capable of showing multiple timers at once. It’s a bit complicated and busy for some people, and it can’t display a digital clock face, but the classic sports watch design looks great.

Best for Exercise: Nike Digital

What We Like

  • Clean design.

  • Easy access to Nike Run Club.

  • Three customizable complications.

What We Don’t Like

  • Too many Nike watch faces to choose from.

  • Not great if you don’t like Nike branding.

You can use any Apple Watch face for exercise, but the Nike Digital face is a minimalist option that lets you put the most important information front and center. It includes three complications, enough for your exercise-related needs without getting too busy.

This face is especially good for users of the Nike Run Club app, as tapping the Nike logo will automatically launch the app. It’s still a good option for exercise in general, though, with a digital clock that’s easy to see at a glance and easy access to a couple of exercise-related complications.

In addition to this face, you can also select from several other great Nike faces, including Nike Analog, Nike Bounce, Nike Compact, and Nike Hybrid. We like the slick, clean design of the Nike Digital option, but check out Nike Hybrid if you want to swap between digital and analog faces easily.

Best for Formal Wear: California

What We Like

  • Classic look.

  • Seven symbol options.

  • Up to five complications.

What We Don’t Like

  • Too busy with all the complications added.

  • Only two complications in fullscreen mode.

The California face offers the classic appeal of a traditional watch face that pairs well with formal wear, with some nice customization options if you want them. It includes two dial options that each provide a different set of complications. The round dial allows you to place four complications in the corners and a fifth in the middle, which is great for utility but makes the watch face look a bit busy. The full-screen dial provides a cleaner, more classic look but only lets you use two complications.

Another nice touch with this watch face is that you can switch the symbols, with seven options available. The pills option provides a clean, classic look, but you can also opt for Roman numerals, the California look that mixes Roman numerals with Arabic numbers and symbols, all Arabic numbers, Arabic Indic, Devanagari, and Chinese.

Best for Travelers: GMT

What We Like

  • Displays two time zones in a clever way.

  • Attractive two-tone color schemes.

  • Five complications.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some will have trouble reading the 24 hour ring.

  • One complication is just a date toggle.

  • Date only for the local time zone.

The GMT watch face is great for travelers because it displays the time in two different time zones in a creative way. The inner numbers represent the local time zone, with traditional analog watch hands indicating the time. The outer ring displays time in the 24-hour format, and you can set it to a different time zone. The date complication only shows the date for your local time zone, though, so you’ll still have to do some mental math to determine if the date is different in the other time zone. In addition to the date complication, this watch face also lets you set up to four additional complications that are fully customizable.

Best for Big Numbers: X-Large

What We Like

  • Big numbers that are easy to read.

  • The optional complication is also big and easy to see.

  • Lots of color options.

What We Don’t Like

  • Too simple for some.

  • Only one complication.

The X-Large watch face is great if you’re looking for something with big, bold numbers that are easy to see at a glance. This is a very straightforward watch face that doesn’t have much else going on, but you can choose to display just the time or to show the time and a single complication.

If you opt to show a complication like Activity, it’s similarly large and easy to see, which fits well with the theme of this watch face. It would be nice to have additional customization options for those who prefer a few smaller complications instead of one large one, but there are other watch faces if that’s what you’re after.

Best for Daylight Tracking: Solar Dial

What We Like

  • Beautiful design that changes throughout the day.

  • Track the position of the sun.

  • Displays day length.

What We Don’t Like

  • Too complicated for some.

  • Layout is a little confusing.

The Solar Dial watch face has a complicated layout that can seem confusing at first, but the design is very attractive, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking at. This face includes two dials: a 24-hour outer dial and an inner dial with options for digital and 12-hour analog styles. Additionally, the outer ring’s hour hand represents the sun, glowing brightly during the day and dark at night.

Tapping the watch face shows the day length in your location and whether it’s day, night, or twilight, with distinctions for civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight. The color of the watch face also changes throughout the day, with color gradations that show the transitions between day, twilight, and night on the 24-hour outer dial. It also includes four complications for some nice customization options.

Best for Timing: Chronograph Pro

What We Like

  • Functionality of a classic analog chronograph watch.

  • Records in 60, 30, 6, and 3 second scales.

  • Includes a tachymeter.

What We Don’t Like

  • Complicated operation.

  • Isn’t immediately clear how to use  chronograph functions.

Chronograph Pro offers all the benefits of a classic analog chronograph watch and the utility of up to four customizable complications. The chronograph feature is readily apparent just by looking at this watch face, but it is a bit complicated to use at first. Since the Apple Watch doesn’t have dedicated buttons for chronograph functions, you must tap the face to access the timer functionality. With the timer active, you can record in 60, 30, 6, and 3-second scales, but you must select the scale in the watch face settings.

Best for Disney Fans: Mickey Mouse

What We Like

  • Choose between Mickey and Minnie.

  • Speaks the time in Mickey or Minnie’s voice.

  • Animated characters.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only three complications.

The Mickey Mouse watch face is perfect for Disney fans, with your choice of Mickey or Minnie standing in for analog watch hands. It doesn’t have a ton of customizability, but there are a few color options, and you can set up to three complications. The characters are animated, so they’ll tap their feet and perform other fun little actions to pass the time. You can tap the screen with two fingers to hear the current time, and it’s even delivered in Mickey or Minnie’s voice for extra fun.

Best for Peanuts Fans: Snoopy

What We Like

  • Simple and clean design.

  • Fun animations with Snoopy and Woodstock.

  • Color styles based on the comics.

If you prefer Peanuts to Disney, this watch face brings lighthearted fun to your wrist. It includes a handful of customization options for the style, including a clean, blank face, pills, and a couple of different arrangements of Roman numerals, but the show’s real stars are Snoopy and his friend Woodstock.

Each time you look at this fun watch face, you’ll find Snoopy and Woodstock up to different antics, often interacting with the watch hands. Snoopy’s animations change based on outside data, like the current weather or if you’re exercising, but the animations swap out frequently even if you aren’t doing anything. The one problem with this watch face is that it’s a bit too simple, without the option to add even a single complication.