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Garmin is continuing to issue new beta builds for Instinct 2 and Crossover smartwatches at a breakneck speed. For example, the company issued Beta Versions 13.10, 13.13, 13.15 and 13.16 within the last month. Now, Garmin has elected to release Beta Version 13.18, which makes a few changes from last week’s build.

According to the company’s changelog, it has fixed the GCT Balance data field that caused issues in Beta Version 13.16. Additionally, Garmin has added more Gaming activity fixes and improvements, mirroring earlier beta builds. However, it continues to leave Beta Program users in the dark about what changes it has made to its new Gaming activity.

Please note that Garmin will not deliver Beta Version 13.18 automatically. Moreover, you cannot trigger its download manually, like Beta Version 14.26 for the Fenix 7 series. Instead, Garmin has included four download links on its forum post earmarked for the Instinct 2/2 Solar, Instinct 2S/2S Solar, Instinct 2X and the Crossover. Please see Garmin’s forum post for these links and more details about installing Beta Version 13.18.