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Google’s second smartwatch is around the corner, and this morning the Pixel Watch 2 passed through the Google Play Console, confirming the use of Snapdragon W5 and Wear OS 4.

“Eos,” the codename for Pixel Watch 2, showed up today in the Google Play Console device catalog, a list of Android devices that developers can access and use when distributing apps. The listings on Play Console typically include a handful of key specs and often an image of the device, and are generally quite reliable for getting that information correct.

In the Pixel Watch 2’s listing, we get confirmation of a few key aspects.

As we first reported earlier this year, Google is switching from the outdated Exynos 9110 in the first Pixel Watch to a Snapdragon W5 series chip in this new Pixel Watch 2. The new chip is listed as Qualcomm SW5100, which appears to be the standard Snapdragon W5, not the W5+ found in TicWatch Pro 5. However, that shouldn’t matter, as the only difference between the two is the use of a co-processor. Google used its own co-processor alongside the Exynos 9110, so it’s likely that’s the case here (as has been reported). The listing also confirms that Pixel Watch 2 will retain the same 2GB of RAM as the original model.

Further, Android 13 is the software version pre-installed on Pixel Watch 2, which means the watch will launch with Wear OS 4. That comes as absolutely no surprise, but it’s great to have confirmation. From the listing, we also found evidence that Pixel Watch 2 will support Wear OS 4’s new “backup” feature, which also comes as no surprise as it’s one of the key upgrades of Wear OS 4.

Pixel Watch 2 is also listed with the same screen specs – 384×384 resolution with 320ppi screen density. Google is said to have moved from a BOE display to a Samsung panel, though.

There is an image attached to the listing, but it doesn’t appear to show the actual Pixel Watch 2, as the exact same image is used on listings for the original Pixel Watch.

Google is expected to launch Pixel Watch 2 this fall alongside Pixel 8. We’ve also previously reported that the watch will bring new bands and switch to an aluminum casing.

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