Smartphone holiday tech tips from Comcast

Whether you’re getting your child their first smartphone or you’re looking to strengthen security around the technology you own, it’s always important to stay up-to-date on new technologies and scams.

Michelle Gilbert from Comcast shares her holiday tech tips to be proactive during the holiday season.

Buying a smartphone; Consider buying a refurbished smartphone instead of buying new devices, especially if you’re buying your first smartphone of two.

Cyber ​​Security Tips: Cyber ​​attacks tend to increase during the holiday season, mainly because individuals and companies alike increase their security.

Give the gift of time; For the tech-savvy parent buying their child’s first phone or smartphone, spend time with them to make sure they understand the basics of navigating the operating system.

Check eligibility for free internet: Low-income households are eligible for the federal government’s Affordable Communications Program (ACP), which provides a $30 discount on home Internet service. Additionally, many providers offer discounts for bundling home internet and mobile service, which can significantly lower your monthly wireless bill.

Make sure they know how to add contacts, make voice/video calls and send text messages, operate the camera, connect to the Internet, and download important apps like email.

ACP can be bundled with Comcast’s Internet Essentials Plus, a service that includes 100 Mbps speeds, a cable modem, millions of WiFi hotspots and unlimited data for $29.95 a month. Many vendors offer similar programs that integrate with ACP, so be sure to contact your vendor to learn more.




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