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GameStop shared good news this week for PlayStation fans still looking for where to buy a PS5 in time for the holidays. While PS5 restocks are often sporadic and difficult to get in on, GameStop announced another of those this week by confirming that the PlayStation console will be back in stock in stores. These always have an implied “for a limited time” disclaimer attached to them since restocks go so quickly, but you’ve at least got a shot at getting one once more if you still need one or just want another.

In social posts shared on Saturday, GameStop said PS5 consoles were back in stock at physical GameStop locations. That’s typically the deal with these sorts of restocks since digital restocks are less common from GameStop, but a short drive to a nearby store probably won’t be a dealbreaker to those who still haven’t been able to find a PlayStation 5 anywhere.

PS5 consoles naturally offer the better experience in terms of graphics and performance compared to a PS4, but since the new console released, people have been able to get by on having the latter when it came to new game launches. However, as we’ve seen from things like God of War Ragnarok, the PS4 is starting to show its limits. New games like Gotham Knights have opted to scrap last-gen versions completely with many looming releases taking a similar approach, so if you don’t have one yet, now’s the time to start looking harder, it would seem.

Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season will bring about more console restocks like this one, but more people will be looking then, too. we’ll hopefully see more restocks like the one GameStop announced this week soon (they tend to happen on Saturdays, it seems) or at least from other retailers.

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