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The developers behind it Lord of the Rings: Gollum Critics and gamers alike posted an apology after slamming the title for its lackluster gameplay, unpolished graphics, and general badness. In the posted message to Twitter And Steam, Daedalic Entertainment said it regretted the game’s “unpleasant experience.”

“We acknowledge and are deeply saddened that the game did not meet the expectations of ourselves and our community,” the message reads. “We truly appreciate your feedback and have been actively listening to your voice, reading your comments, and analyzing your constructive criticisms and suggestions.”

The studio added that it is working to fix some of the bugs and performance issues players have been experiencing and will keep users updated on its progress.

GollumPrepared during events The union of the ringIt is an action-adventure game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. (It’s set to come to the Nintendo Switch this year.) During the game, you control Gollum and his two personalities as you try to escape Mordor by sneaking up on orcs. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the negative reviews to start flooding in after Thursday’s release.

While Polygon He writes the personality the game sorely lacks. GameSpot It crashed more than 120 times in 11 hours of gameplay and IGN “It’s not fun to play,” he simply says. The PC version of the game currently has a 41 rating on Metacritic and a “mostly negative” reception on Steam. With this in mind, it’s unclear how much the game’s developers can do to properly fix the game, other than fixing any performance issues.