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Text formatting is finally here!

Google Keep is the go-to app for a ton of users for quickly jotting down their fleeting thoughts or grocery lists. But its one major downside has kept it from becoming our favorite notetaking app — the lack of even basic text formatting tools. Google has been toying with the idea of adding formatting options in Keep, but nothing worthwhile came out of it — until now. Google Keep is now finally getting its long overdue text formatting tools that let you create richer, more customized notes that weren’t possible before.

We first saw some signs of text formatting coming to Google Keep back in May last year. The app was expected to add options for bold, italic, underline, and more to its rather simplistic notes. But little has been officially said about this in the last year, putting Google Keep well behind its peers like Microsoft OneNote and Apple Notes, both of which have supported text formatting (and much more) for a long time. But Google Keep is finally catching up, as per Mishaal Rahman.

Upon updating Google Keep to its latest stable release, Rahman spotted the new formatting tools in his Keep notes. As shown in the screenshots above, you can even assign text sizes with H1 and H2 settings with other options right next to them in the same row. We got a sneak peek at these features only a couple of days earlier when someone enabled the feature using a flag. The demo video showed that Keep will maintain your formatting choices even in checkboxes.

Google is now officially rolling out the feature to everyone, although a bit slowly. Updating the Google Keep app to version 5.23.322.05 via the Play Store or APK Mirror is your best bet to get these features. You can try force-stopping the app and clearing its cache in case just updating the app doesn’t work. Even if you see these formatting features, they will currently work only in new notes and all your existing Keep entries will have to wait a little longer.

In other news, Google Keep added one more practical feature that keeps a version history of text changes made to your notes, making the note-taking app a far more powerful tool than it currently is.

Thanks: Moshe