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Hogwarts Legacy It’s giving players another chance to get Merlin’s coat and Professor Ronen’s cosmetics set. Avalanche Software, the Hogwarts Legacylistened to fans who felt they hadn’t been given a chance to acquire Merlin’s mantle, and surprised them with new content.

Originally, Avalanche Software only intended for fans to get Merlin’s coat twice. First, during the pre-launch stream Hogwarts Legacy, then during the main release stream. But later, due to player feedback, the studio realized that it had not taken into account the different time zones, not to mention that both streams were on weekdays. The Avalanche have since corrected the mistake and hosted a “Legacy Live” stream, during which fans were given the chance to snag Merlin’s mantle. In addition, Avalanche offers the Professor Ronen cosmetics set, brand-new wardrobe items players can’t find anywhere else. The collection includes glasses, gloves, clothing, a coat, a padded cuff and a scarf.

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It’s on Hogwarts LegacyThe Twitter account announced the news that the new-age live stream is scheduled for June 1. The Twitch stream will begin at 9 a.m. PT and players must watch for at least 30 minutes to qualify for the tournament. Free DLC. After enough time has passed, a notification will appear letting the viewer know that Merlin’s coat and Ronen’s set have been received. However, only those with a WB Games account can access the item, and must link it to their Twitch account.

The last Legacy Live was on May 5th, which was also the release date. Hogwarts Legacy For PS4 and Xbox One. This has started a new wave of Twitch Drops which will end on June 1st. Added new cosmetic items to the top of Merlin’s coat for audience rewards, not just for Legacy Live, but for any other streamer that plays. Hogwarts Legacy Enabled by Twitch Drops.

This may not be the last chance for players to get new cosmetics or Merlin’s coat. While many players are having fun Hogwarts Legacy Already, Nintendo Switch owners are still waiting for the game to come out in November. Therefore, Avalanche Software can provide many opportunities for those enthusiasts and also allow them to own the rare item. They may release more new cosmetics to go along with it.

Hogwarts Legacy It’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch port will drop on November 14th.

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