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A senior dog refusing to play with a pair of boisterous puppies has won the internet’s heart.

In a video shared to TikTok on October 6, user Anna (@billiethelab_) explained she’s dog-sitting Louise, a friend’s Labrador who “hates puppies.”

Featuring multiple clips of a stone-faced Louise doing her best to ignore the rowdy rascals—including sitting as far away as possible and giving them the silent treatment—the hilarious post has been viewed over 1.5 million times in just four days.

Sad looking Golden Labrador lying down
A sad looking Golden Labrador lying on the floor indoors. TikTok users found Labrador Louise’s disdain for kids highly relatable.
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According to the American Kennel Club, it’s not unusual for adult canines to find puppies annoying. Younger dogs need time to learn the appropriate social cues and can be wild and domineering, which can make an older dog anxious.

How a senior dog is introduced to a puppy can also determine the bonds they form. To ensure everything runs smoothly, owners should introduce the older dog to the younger one in a neutral environment, such as a walk outdoors or at the dog park.

It’s also important to have control over the situation by making sure that both dogs wear leashes and have a different handler, rather than trying to control two dogs single-handedly. If the puppy becomes too playful, the handler can step in and calm things down, preventing the older dog from becoming stressed or aggressive.

If this initial meeting goes well, you can then move on to the house. To help both the older dog and puppy to adapt, provide them with separate beds and toys, and ensure the older dog has plenty of space from the puppy when needed. Although puppies can be a handful, it’s also important to give both pets equal attention, so you’re older dog doesn’t feel neglected.

‘Me Around Children’

The video begins with Louise—a large golden Labrador—angrily ignoring Anna’s puppies, Gus and Billie, as they playfight nearby. Instead of joining in the fun, she stares intently straight ahead, glaring at the TV stand in front of her.

In the next clip, Billie (a chocolate Labrador that Anna adopted in March), tries to encourage Louise to play, but she remains uninterested. It’s not long before he gives up and starts sulking, while Louise continues to give him the silent treatment.

The video ends with Louise lying all the way across the other side of the room from Billie and Gus (a golden Labrador puppy Anna brought home in September), watching them grumpily as they fight over a toy.

TikTokers found Louise’s disdain oddly relatable, with user Margie commenting: “Me around children.”

“I’ve never seen a dog represent me more,” agreed Hailey Painter.

“That’s how I feel with the new hires,” said sell me dreams.

“If ‘this isn’t my child I swear’ was a look,” joked bitterxciii.

While A.bex wrote: “This is like grandparents when the grandkids visit. They moved 600 miles south for a reason.”

Newsweek has reached out to @billiethelab_ for comment.

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