Colorado Springs Police Arrest Suspect In Connection With Comcast Internet Outages In January

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KARDO) – Police have arrested a suspect and are looking for another in connection with the vandalism of an Internet provider that led to mass blackouts in January.

On Jan. 11, Colorado Springs Police Department officers responded to Comcast at 322 East Cucharras St. to investigate ten fiber optic cables that had been damaged.

Damaged cables left thousands of Comcast customers downtown without Internet and phone service.

According to CSPD, the amount of damage to the cables ranged from $151,316.00 to $251,316.00.

13 Investigating Security footage was obtained showing the truck entering an alley between Colorado Avenue and E. Kucharas Street shortly after 3:30 a.m. Moments later, a man exits the truck on E. On the sidewalk of Chucharas Street and the power tool leads to the service line. is located underground.

Another corner of the surveillance video shows the alleged vandal getting out of the same truck and stealing a bumper from a car at a local auto body shop.

On Thursday, the CSPD announced that they had identified two suspects in connection with the vandalism, Michael Taylor and Brad Kochot.

Taylor has since been arrested. According to CSPD, there is a warrant for Kochot’s arrest.

CSPD identified both suspects as “felony offenders.” According to the police, prolific offenders “accumulate a large number of criminal convictions in specific categories such as theft” and both are in that category.



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