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Viral Video: Cow Sliding Down Snowy Mountain Makes Internet Chuckle

Internet users flooded the comment section with hilarious jokes.

The animal kingdom undoubtedly offers some of the most entertaining and fascinating videos. And now one such hilarious video showing a cow sliding down a hill is making rounds on the internet. 

Posted by Twitter user, Buitengebieden, the 9-second-video has amassed 2.2 million views and over 101,000 likes. It shows a cow, instead of trekking down a snow-clad mountain, taking the easiest and quickest route to reach the bottom of the hill. 

“Cow sliding down a hill,” the caption of the post read. 

Watch the video below: 

At the end of the short clip, the cow is seen making a perfect landing and standing up, while another cow is visible at the foot of the slope. 

Reacting to the video, internet users flooded the comment section with hilarious jokes. “Who needs a snowboard,” wrote one user. “Wow! Cow’s really mooooving,” said another. 

“That’s the weekend there at the bottom of the hill,” commented third. “And that’s why Swizz milk chocolate tastes so good. The cows have their winter theme park,” added fourth. 

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Meanwhile, speaking of cute animal videos, a while back an adorable video showing a baby elephant stepping on its own trunk had taken the internet by storm. The clip was shared on Instagram. It showed the calf walking swiftly and then moments later stepping on its own trunk. 

The video amassed over 4.4 million views and 2.2 lakh likes. “Fun fact: calves don’t learn to fully control their trunks until they’re about a year old,” the caption of the post read. 

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