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Daniel Craig recently starred in a Belvedere vodka advertisement that had the Internet in stitches. But not only did his gentle air humping leave some in hysterics, but his appearance in the commercial also had some fans asking where his muscles had gone.

Daniel Craig played James Bond from 2006 until 2021. During this time, Craig’s rippling pecs and bulging biceps provided a comforting bulwark against all the evils of the world. Insecure men were able to sink into his barrell-like chest and indulge their fantasies of being saved from bad guys, while delusionally-confident men were able to imagine they, too, were, muscle-bound saviours of humanity. Ah, good times.

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But time ticks. Now, not only has Craig started riding shotgun on mopeds (much to the dismay of a stodgy, tradition-loving many) and moving on to comedies like Knives Out (which was really very good) but he – according to the eagle eyes of some Instagram commenters – isn’t as built as he used to be in the days of Casino Royale and co.

Not that this should be a surprise, but still: The Internet picks up on everything. Case in point: the comments on Belvedere Vodkas’ promotion of Craig’s latest commercial on Instagram.

WATCH: Daniel Craig stars in hilarious vodka commercial

Rather than praise Craig’s Eastern European getup (or the humourous way in which director Taika Waititi pulled off the advertisement), some commenters took the chance to remark on the 54-year-old’s physique.

“Where’re [sic] his muscles?” one commenter, @jessefriimann, wrote, to which another user wrote: “literally! He seems so thin.” While others lavished him with praise, a third commenter dug the knife in even further, making an unsubstantiated and cruel allegation, writing: “he’s off the steroids…”

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While there was some love for the ad and outfit (see: “He looks super Polish here” and “Best vodka commercial ever”), there were also a couple more criticisms. One Instagram user said: “are y’all trying to market to boomer moms?!?” while another wrote: “Oh god not a vest.”

“‘Shaken, not stirred’ comes to mind.”

Instagram user @holtomkins

However smooth you like your spirits (and vodka-drinking models), I think we can all agree that Craig looks good, muscles or no muscles. Now excuse me while I go and pour myself a lunchtime martini.

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