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The internet continues to prove it’s a great platform for very stupid people, and the Air Force Academy is the latest target of losers online.

The Air Force Falcons recently unveiled some incredible uniforms for the game against Navy that honor the Doolittle Raid against Japan.

The raid and the raiders who carried it out struck deep into Japan after Pearl Harbor to let the world know America was back on its feet and bringing death with us. It was a monumental moment in WWII and something that should be celebrated. Those men went on a one-way mission to avenge those lost December 7, 1941.

Unfortunately, the woke idiots online aren’t pleased because the Falcons tweeted a promo of the uniforms with the caption “An Ambush” and a quote about how the Japanese had no idea what was coming.

Fact check: True.

Due to the fact we live in very stupid times, people on X – formerly known as Twitter – simply couldn’t celebrate a great American accomplishment and a football team from a service academy honoring it.

Below are just a handful of a few reactions on X.

There’s also an entire thread on Reddit blowing up at the moment about whether or not these uniforms are appropriate.

Let me go ahead and eliminate any doubt:

These uniforms are badass and only a soft communist thinks different.

God bless the United States Air Force, the military and all the men who ended the Japanese empire.

I’m not the kind of guy who minces my words, and I won’t do so here. The men who carried out the Doolittle Raid were heroes of the highest order.

They knew the B-25 bombers only had enough fuel to make it to Japan. They weren’t getting home, and they all knew it.

Elevated view of B-25 bombers on the deck of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier, April 1942. The planes were being prepared for a Tokyo raid to be led by Major Jimmy Doolittle. (Photo by US Navy/Interim Archives/Getty Images)

Yet, they got on those planes and bombed Japan to make sure everyone on the planet knew America was coming. Seven men paid the ultimate price on the raid. That’s a sacrifice that shouldn’t even be forgotten.

Furthermore, and let’s be crystal clear on this one, Japan deserved everything that happened to it after Pearl Harbor. The Japanese launched an unprovoked sneak attack in the early morning hours of December 7, 1941.

Japan started a war with America.

America didn’t ask for the war. The war was brought to us after thousands of our citizens were killed. Everything that happened afterwards wasn’t just justified, but 100% necessary.

The Japanese were an incredibly evil regime that had to be dismantled and destroyed. Japanese soldiers raped, murdered and mutilated innocent civilians, slaughtered American POWs and carried out horrific genocide and medical experiments.

Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle (1896 – 1993) leans over a bomb on the deck of the USS Hornet just before the US began its bombing raid on Tokyo. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

One of the greatest things America ever did was destroy the Japanese regime. A great evil was destroyed and generations later, Japan is now a much better place.

I learned all this by the age of eight as a little kid. What the hell are they teaching in schools these days where this would be offensive to anyone? Every bomb that was dropped on Japan and every bullet that was fired to free the world was justified. Pick up a history book if you think otherwise.

The internet is upset the Air Force Academy is honoring the Doolittle Raid with special football uniforms. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

As long as I’m alive and breathing, I damn sure not won’t anyone trash America and our brave heroes and get away with it. I might have to buy one of these uniforms just to show my support. Wear them with pride, Air Force. They’re awesome and honor great American men.



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