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Pedro Pascal takes great pleasure in being the “daddy” of the Internet, that is, an old man whose fans are completely in awe of him.

“Yeah, I’m having fun with it,” the famed Chilean-American actor, 48, said during a Hollywood Reporter roundtable with several other A-list stars, including Jeff Bridges, Evan Peters and Kieran Culkin.

Pascal has said he believes he has earned the title “Dad” because he has played several fatherly characters on screen.

“(The dad thing) seems a little bit about the role, I think. There was a time when the Mandalorian was very fatherly to little Grogu. Joel is very fatherly to Ellie. These are daddy parts. That’s what it is,” he explained.

Pedro Pascal, seen here at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March, said he was “having fun” being the father of the Internet.John Kopaloff / Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Bridges then interjected. “You’re dad.”

“I’m not a father,” answered Pascal and added. “And I’m not going to be a dad.”

In recent years, Pascal has played several benevolent characters who look out for those younger than him.

Whether it’s smuggler Joel protecting untouchable teenager Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in the US in HBO’s post-apocalyptic drama The Last of Us, or bounty hunter Dean Jarrin traveling the galaxy to make sure Grogu is safe is on the Disney+ series.” “The Mandalorian,” Pascal has become a role model for masculine men who aren’t afraid to show their tender side to those in need.

But, as Culkin pointed out, many real Hollywood dads don’t inspire the same level of paternal adoration as Pascal.

“I’m a dad no one likes my dad parts,” joked the “Sequence” star during the round table.

“What did you say?” answered Pascal, laughing. “No one likes my daddy parts.”

“They like it your daddy parts,” Culkin said as the table erupted in laughter.

It’s not the first time Pascal has addressed his father status.

“I’m still trying to figure it out,” Pascal said of his fans’ enthusiasm during a visit to “The Graham Norton Show” in February. “I feel like it’s changing, there’s Zaddi, there’s Dad.”

“I’ll take it all,” he jokingly added.