Portia’s style on White Lotus is dividing the internet for all the wrong reasons


We can see this a lot clearly. Portia embodies the crop of a younger generation that is outwardly figuring itself out. (Some of us just don’t deal with the existential dread of being on vacation at an expensive resort with an incredibly addicted boss.) In the grand scheme of things, Portia’s style is chaotic, and she certainly makes some interesting choices. But strong choices are better than no choices in fashion, right? Fashion mistakes resonate with Gen Z, especially when trends reach their peak at the peak of the cycle.

We can judge Portia’a’s extraordinary fashion faux pas in the same way that older generations look back on the style choices made by their younger selves. Whether she’s wearing clashing prints from Urban Outfitters or walking the streets of Sicily with her String Ting perfectly dangling, Portia’s fashion is the curated collection of a Gen Z essence. I can name at least 30 Gen Zers I’ve met wearing the exact combination of a flowy dress, Nike Air Force 1s, and church socks on college campuses, including New York City. (Sorry fashion girls!) There are even some out-of-town Instagram influencers I follow who dress just like her and get next-level support and #outfitinspo comments. So it’s only Hayley’s chaotic on-screen portrayal that makes Portia’s outfit a little less tolerable.

Fabio Lovino / HBO




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