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The RV that caught fire near the old Safeway on Aug. 7.
Courtesy/Glenwood Spring Fire Department

The RV fire in Glenwood Springs on Monday is why some people’s internet went out and why it might be interrupted on-and-off Tuesday.

At 4:03 p.m. Monday, the Glenwood Springs Fire Department  was called to a smoke check near the old Safeway location at 2001 Grand Ave.

When they arrived, they found heavy smoke and flames coming from a motorhome, according to a fire department news release. 

“It was confirmed that there were no occupants and firefighting operations were immediately initiated,” the release states.

Although the fire was knocked out in less than 45 minutes, it was just long enough to damage some Comcast fiber lines that ran near the fire.

“Services have been temporarily restored, although customers may experience degraded or intermittent connectivity,” said Comcast Senior Director of External Affairs, Communications and Media Comcast Cable Leslie Oliver in an email. 

Comcast workers began making permanent repairs Tuesday afternoon and customers will experience loss of services throughout the day until all repairs are complete. There was no timeframe given, but it is being treated urgently. 

“We understand service interruptions are disruptive and apologize for the inconvenience,” Oliver said in the email. “Our crews will work as quickly as possible to restore services.”

The city of Glenwood Springs’ fiber lines were not affected by the RV fire, and residents using the city’s local internet services should not see any interruptions because of it. 

“Customers enrolled to receive text messages should be notified directly when outages begin to happen,” Oliver said in the email. “Customers can also check their Xfinity account for status updates.”

The Glenwood Springs Fire Department said that the cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation through the Garfield County Fire Investigation Team.



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