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  • Starfield fans beware: story details have started leaking online, potentially spoiling the highly anticipated game before its release on September 6.
  • Despite much anticipation, developers have been careful not to reveal too much about Starfield’s story, recognizing the importance of strong storytelling in RPGs.
  • Streamer Darrius Fears is fighting back against spoilers by sharing profiles of those who are actively sharing Starfield story details, while Todd Howard remains the main authority on unreleased information.

Starfield fans will have to surf the internet with caution for the next few weeks leading up to the September 6 release date as story details have begun appearing online. This is unfortunate news since Starfield is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2023, and while story spoilers won’t entirely ruin the experience they can make the game less exciting.

While a lot of things are known about Starfield the developers have been careful not to reveal more than necessary about the story. Fans already know several details about the setting of Starfield as well as some gameplay elements and some details about the game’s lore, but until now much of the story has been shrouded in mystery. Rightly so, since roleplaying games tend to live or die by the strength of their stories.

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Streamer and YouTuber Darrius Fears warned Starfield fans not to go under the game’s tab on Reddit in a tweet. The YouTuber, whose Twitter handle is TheRealDfea, explains that the entire story has somehow been leaked, going on to say that he is unsure of where it all started. In another tweet Fears advised fans to ignore anything with the word “Starfield” or “human” in it. Naturally such leaks are bound to make their way onto other platforms and there are those who derive some kind of pleasure out of spoiling stories for others, so gamers who are looking forward to Starfield will have to be extra cautious in the coming weeks.

In an effort to help Starfield fans Darrius Fears has been sharing profiles of users who are trying to spoil the game for others. While it might be impossible to avoid all the ne’er-do-wells out there who enjoy spoiling games for others, it is admirable that Fears is trying to help others by calling out the individuals who are actively sharing Starfield story details. Bethesda has previously revealed information about the Starfield protagonists but did so without straying into spoiler territory. It would, of course, be foolish to intentionally spoil one’s own game before release, but sadly there are those who won’t think twice about doing so.

It turns out that Todd Howard is the only person authorized to divulge unreleased Starfield information, which makes sense since he is the executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios. While he likely knows more than anyone else about Starfield, he does not have a strong presence on social media and has not been known to share more information than necessary on upcoming games.

Starfield releases September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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