The 10 Best WWE Matches Ever (According to the Internet)

What makes an “internet fan” now?

An ancient Criticism related to the mid-90s, when early online adopters first ventured into offering opinions, along with a larger selection of newsletter subscribers (and wrestlers getting mad at them for taking part in second- or third-tier matches), it seems that it still is currency. dressing rooms, although half the performers once embodied the term themselves, and literally anyone with so much as a pay phone can now dive into the conversation.

At least in this case, that’s the case with Cagematch. The extremely detailed wrestling database offers all sorts of facts and stats on all the action, while encouraging users to rate what they’ve watched in an attempt to democratize the industry’s best and worst.

The implications of this highly collaborative process are divisive.

There are a number of piping hot classics that did not Make a grade here and before anyone else starts in this direction, your writer tries not to stir quietly while listing some of them.

Sasha Banks/Bayley at Takeover. Brooklyn, Johnny Gargano/Adam Cole taking over. New York, Shawn Michaels/Bad Blood in Your House, Sasha Banks/Bailey: Capture. finally, Bret Hart/Steve Austin at Survivor. Episode 1996 CM Punk/John Cena from Raw 2013 Sasha Banks/Bayley at Hell In A Cell 2020 and on and on. and on and on It goes.

These incredible offerings failed to crack the top ten. So what on earth did it do?

Starting off not the way we want to go, the high-profile WrestleMania XX main event is something many fans may have never seen, and many more may never see again.

This, if you can call it that, is Chris Benoit’s legacy, following his actions and the tragic events of the final days of his life, his wife Nancy and son Daniel’s, back in 2007.

What makes this particular entry in Benoit’s exhaustive back catalog so unsettling compared to other clashes in his career is how it’s shaped around his past, present and future.

He was someone who could never rise to the top of the market because of the flaws he saw. He especially didn’t stand a chance against Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who were presented as being at the top of their games. And he was the man next to Eddie Guerrero, tasked with shouldering a philosophical shift that Vince McMahon barely managed before their untimely deaths three and one years later, respectively.

All of the above feed into the epic tale, but the fictional physicality just can never be enough to distract from the brutal and destructive reality.



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