The heartbreaking reaction of the Internet to the president.  Nelson’s walker

President Nelson recently shared on social media that he has started using a walker. The post is inspiring and I am smiling at her photo. My smile only grew when I glanced at some of the comments left on the post. My quick glance soon turned into a long scroll as I read some of the more than 10,000 comments. Most of the time, when I scroll through a popular social media post, I leave feeling either numb, annoyed, discouraged, or a combination of the three. But not this time. The comments on President Nelson’s post were so inspiring.

Comment after comment expressed support as well as appreciation for the prophet’s vulnerability, and the great love the Saints have for their president has created a very happy corner of the Internet. People were expressing love, sympathy and gratitude at an unheard-of rate on Facebook. If you’re in the mood for a happy little scroll, here are some of my very favorite comments. I hope they make you smile too!

  • “Thank you, President Nelson. Your words are truly inspiring. I will be home soon from my mission to have surgery on my leg, but I plan to return. I will keep your optimism in mind when I recover.” – Qin Low
  • “Thank you and God bless you for all you do for us and this world. In many, many ways, you are like a “walker” to me and my family. We hold back from time to time to find the balance we need often. Your words and actions affirm us and help us move steadily forward without fear of falling. We Love You!” -Tom Eady
  • “I also have balance problems sometimes and I’m half your age. Fortunately, the Lord continues to bless you with good health, otherwise we can continue to receive your wise counsel. Thank you for leading and guiding us.” – Julie Davis Marburger
  • “We love you, dear President Nelson. We are so grateful for your inspiring leadership. We are so blessed to still have you, walking or not. You are in our prayers and in our hearts.” – Alison Neff
  • “It’s a reminder that Aaron and Hur supported and helped hold up Moses’ hands in the Old Testament. It’s a reminder that we are mortal and need help sometimes. We also learn that when our Heavenly Father asks us to do something, He provides the way. Sometimes that provision is in the form of a walker or wheelchair. Thank you for your commitment, humility, strength and testimony, President Nelson.” – John Douglas
  • “I love and respect this man. The end of what he said is pretty reassuring to me after I blew it up on the sidewalk in front of the medical clinic today and bandaged it up inside.” – Sherilyn Cox
  • “Thank you for taking care of your body and mind throughout your life. We greatly benefit from your direction. I know you deserve a rest, but some of us hope you live into your hundreds so we can learn more of your wisdom. We pray that you are well and can guide us for a long time. You are so loved and supported.” – Melody Taylor
  • “I’m 33 but have POTS and a number of other illnesses and autoimmune issues. I look really healthy for the most part, but sometimes I need to use a walking cane or a cart when I go shopping. It hurts to justify using something, some people even claim my cane is for style. I wish we could normalize it more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been yelled at in the store for using a motorized cart or someone tried to look at my cane and I almost fell over. I think you are great. Walk the walker and the wheelchair. One day I hope I won’t need them anymore until I’m older. But now I’m talking to people about it and trying to spread awareness. Thank you for being vulnerable at this stage in your life President Russell M. Nelson; I really appreciate it.” – Julia Cole Ivy
  • “President Nelson thanks for sharing this. I don’t know if you will be able to read this comment, but I am 29 years old and need to use a walker. Thank you for your loving example and loving spirit. Thank you.” — Amanda Jensen Robertson
  • “President Russell M. Nelson’s openness about his challenges with balance serves as a powerful reminder that even great leaders face personal trials. Her positive attitude and gratitude are truly inspiring. It is a testament to his unwavering devotion and love for the Lord and his brothers and sisters. Sharing her experiences, she encourages us all to face our challenges with resilience and keep moving forward. Let’s join him in accepting life’s little challenges and moving forward with faith and determination.” — Heri Tiana Mikaya Nofidianjanahari
  • “President Nelson, you should let some kids put balloons or stickers on it. We Love You!!” – Jen Jen Brooks
  • “I love you, President Nelson. I am so grateful for your inspiring life and inspiring example and teachings. I will never forget the blessing of shaking your hand. No matter what help you use, I know you are truly a prophet of God walking the earth today.” – Mark Johnson
  • “You are an amazing person and even though we’ve never met, you touched my life years ago when you performed my mother’s first open heart surgery. You gave him to me for another 30 years. I have always believed in the Lord that he gives us things to challenge us from time to time. I love you and I know the Lord loves you, He will hold you tight until He calls you home.” – Lori Reese
  • “I love you dear President Nelson. Thank you for sharing and being an amazing example of perseverance. I too have had some earthly difficulties. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Onward and upward. I protect and watch over you.” — Rupe Beagley of Keyaun
  • “I’ve had balance problems all my life, most likely due to an enlarged brain. Thank you for your shining example; I also rely on walking aids for balance and haven’t let them go completely since my recent brain, knee and leg surgeries. Thank you that you are still healthy and strong and our prophet at this time. We love You! Stay straight and strong.” Charlene Ann Varga
  • “Put your shoulder to (walker) push along!!!” We know you do your duty with a heart full of song!! Love you, President Nelson.” – Matthew Merrill
  • “Thank you for sharing your experience with us. next we will share your photo with my mother in law who refuses to use her walker despite her dire need to use it. You are a light in many ways. Love and hugs to you.” – Kendra Kaiser
  • “God chose you, knowing that you would use your intelligence, talents, and unfailing, powerful faith to lead the worldwide church of Christ today. Thank you for taking up this mantle and giving your life to His restored church and to us millions. We love you for your dedication, even if your body needs a little extra help sometimes. I look forward to celebrating your 100th birthday next year.” – Jennifer Byrd Mohl
  • “I needed it because I also have balance issues and had to use a cane and walker at times. Thank you for your excellent example and endurance.” – Terry Hardy Olsen
  • “Not only do you guide us spiritually, but you also guide us through our weaknesses that we encounter in life. Thank you for being open with your life.” -Linda McClellan
  • “I use a walker too, President.” – Angela Hall
  • “President Nelson, I am 75 years old and am now going to a physical therapist to help balance and strengthen my body so that I can serve as you so beautifully exemplified. Our love and prayers for you is to continue the Lord’s work.” —Jean Heywood in Slocum
  • “Since you turned 96, I have been thinking about your 100th birthday. You have a special place in my heart and I pray that the light inside you will continue to shine brightly, whether in a wheelchair or walking. We always pray for you, our beloved prophet.” – Princess C Okechukwu

Answers have been edited for clarity.

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