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26 May 2023 |: 20:30

There’s nothing worse than pulling butter out of the fridge to put on your toast, only to find it’s completely bland.

Okay, well, there are a few things that could be worse.

Like getting halfway through a baking recipe and then needing room temperature butter.

Disaster, we know.

Eat your butter and eat it right away

If the option of waiting for your butter to soften is not available to you (read: you lack the patience), then we can introduce you to a hack that allows you to take the butter and eat it right away.

This “trick” allows you to soften the butter without melting it or waiting for it to come to room temperature.

One mom shared how to soften butter without a microwave.

“Best Baking Tip Ever”

An Australian mum has posted one of her ‘best dough tips’ to a Facebook group and thousands of people have been impressed by how simple it is.

“This really works as I’ve tried it several times already,” he wrote.

He explains. “If you need to soften the butter quickly but don’t want to melt it, pour boiling hot water into a glass to heat the glass.

“Pour out the water and turn it around on your stick of butter. In a few minutes it will be perfectly soft and ready to use. Please.”

The post has already received over 18,000 likes and over 50,000 shares.

“I was a year old today, so helpful!!” one fan said.

The post has already received over 18,000 likes and over 50,000 shares.

“Great tip! How did I go my whole life without knowing this? I always forget to remove the butter,” added another.

“This is unbelievable. Life = changed,” someone wrote.

But not everyone did, as many said you could just as easily microwave the butter for eight or nine seconds to soften it.

“Or just put it in the microwave,” wrote one.

Another emphasized. “I would never put boiling water in a glass because it would shatter.”

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