TPG Telecom has joined a growing list of Australian companies affected by a data breach, with the operator revealing a hosted exchange that held information for up to 15,000 business customers.

In a stock market filing, TPG Telecom explained that it was notified by its external cyber security adviser Mandiant on December 13 of unauthorized access to the exchange, which hosts email accounts for iiNet and Westnet internet and mobile customers.

TPG Telecom said it has taken steps to stop the breach of the Microsoft-hosted exchange service, with an initial review finding that the primary purpose of the hack was to retrieve customers’ cryptocurrency and financial information.

The operator added that it is investigating and will notify customers of any potential impact. It added that home and personal iiNet and Westnet services were not affected.

In September, an attack on rival Optus resulted in unauthorized access to information on current and former customers.

A month later, the servers of Dialog Group, Singtel’s local IT services consultancy, were compromised in an attack that included access to some customer and employee information.

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