Vexus Internet.  The latest addition to Pampas’ high-speed Internet options

By Caleb Dorn –

Vexus Fiber is a telecommunications company that provides high-speed fiber optic Internet services to Texas. Vexus offers Internet, telephone and television services to residential and business customers in various cities in Texas, including Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Abilene, Amarillo, Midland and now Pampa.

Ryan Wheatley, who serves as a residential sales representative. Wheatley has been with the company for eight years, formerly NTS, but became Vexus in 2019. After taking over Vexus, the focus shifted to residential, and Wheatley moved from business to residential.

“Our company’s focus is to provide the best service in the residential market,” Whitley said. “We do additional business, but for many years we were only able to offer businesses our service in Pampa.”

NTS had been around for 50+ years and after four years in business Vexus took over NTS markets. The trade market at Pampa has been operating with Vexus for three years. The goal was always to get a residential area in Pampa, but circumstances stopped the project.

“I said from the beginning I wanted to cover Pampa, I wanted to provide our services to everyone in Pampa,” Whitley said. “We had to postpone for many reasons, the pandemic stopped a lot of things. But now we get up and go and settle in quickly in Pampa.”

Another setback for the Pampa building was the projects Vexus was going through in Amarillo, now that the majority of the project is complete, the timing was right for Pampa. Vexus provides fiber, so what is it?

“Fiber Internet” is a type of telecommunications network that uses fiber optic cables to transmit information. Fiber optic cables are made of thin, flexible glass or plastic fibers that can transmit data using light pulses. These light pulses travel through fiber optic cable at incredibly high speeds, allowing for faster data transfer and greater bandwidth compared to traditional copper wire networks.

Fiber optic networks are used in a wide range of applications, including Internet and telephone systems, cable television, and even medical and scientific research. One of the main advantages of fiber optic networks is the ability to transmit signals over long distances without loss of signal quality, making them ideal for large-scale communications networks.

Another advantage of fiber optic networks is their immunity to electromagnetic interference, which can disrupt signals in traditional copper wire networks. This makes fiber optic networks more reliable and less susceptible to failures or outages.

Fiber optic networks offer many advantages over traditional copper wire networks, including faster data transfer rates, greater bandwidth, better signal quality over long distances, and greater reliability.

“In layman’s terms, you see the lighting before you hear the thunder,” Wheatley said. “We are the lighting, the other providers are the thunder. Another advantage is that it can be submerged and not affected by the weather. The only thing that would make it go away would be to cut the wires, but we can fix that quickly because we’re community-based.”

Building in Pampa has now also started the Borger process, leading to a potential office in Pampa. For now, Pampa has employees stationed to support both residential and commercial customers.

“The other thing about fiber that’s a benefit is speed,” Wheatley said. “With fiber optics, the speeds are symmetrical. For example, if we give you 1000 megabytes of internet, that’s 1000 megabytes of download and upload. Cable can’t do that.”

Vexus currently runs its cables underground around Pampa. Rapidly developing the coverage they can offer residents, which is expected to happen in the next three to four months.

“We started building Pampa quickly,” Wheatley said. “When we build, we build the hardware to be future-proof when we can deliver higher speeds. We’ve already implemented the technology, which won’t require an upgrade when the time for those higher speeds is available for the Pampa. We know it can bother some people when we’re blocking the road or working next to their homes installing our equipment, but once we’re done, we’re golden.”

One of the other things that Vexus offers is the ACP program, which is a government program that gets free internet from those who apply.

“It’s a nationwide program, so we want to get the word out,” Wheatley said. “When someone sees our vendors walking around town, they immediately think it’s very expensive, but we have a program that can provide them with Internet.”

Almost anyone who is on Social Security, or a veteran, food stamps, or a pension and Medicaid can qualify for the program. The company is mailing and providing information to residents, encouraging those who accept to call the company to see what they have to offer.

Vexus is big on being community-based, with plans to get as involved as possible.

“We have a backpacking drive in Amarillo, and we plan to do something about it here,” Wheatley said. “We want to be a part of any community we serve. Every time you call us with any kind of question, you’re talking to someone who speaks Texas. We are committed to our customers in every way.”

The three things that set Vexus apart are that they are fiber optic, community based, and there to serve and improve your life.

If interested in changing or hearing about offers, Vexus visit their website at, where you can enter your address to be notified when services are available in your area, or contact them at (800) 658-2150 or contact Pampa News with help contact Ryan.


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