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WELLINGTON, Fla. – Wellington Community High School experienced a power outage on Monday, affecting school services including air conditioning, phones and internet.

In a call to parents and guardians, school officials said the outage was a possible lightning strike.

The school, located at 2101 Greenview Shores Blvd. at, was running on generator power, and Monday was a “regularly scheduled school day.”

In a statement Monday at 4 p.m., the school said FPL is still working to resolve the issue and it’s unclear when the necessary repairs will be completed.

“Due to this unplanned power outage, your child’s absence will be excused and will be marked for an ‘S’ school-related absence,” the statement said. “This school-related absence will not count in determining whether the student must take the semester exam to receive credit for the course.”

As of Monday afternoon, there were only 75 students on campus, according to Principal Cara Hayden.

However, the school did not have air conditioning, telephones or internet. In addition, sack lunches were served in the cafeteria.

“District service crews are working to provide assistance,” the release said.

Pending any inclement weather, after-school outdoor activities should continue as regularly scheduled, Hayden said. If a student was dismissed this morning, they may still return to any athletic practice.

“I showed up this morning, walked into the school, saw a bunch of kids walking back, and I thought, what’s going on? And they were like, there’s no power,” said student Mathis Gibson.

It wasn’t your average school day for students at Wellington High School after storms left the school without power.

“Everyone is in the hall. There’s no air conditioning, no electricity, no internet,” Gibson said. – It was hot, very hot.

The first message was sent to parents at 6:30 a.m., before the school day began, informing them that the school was without power and running on generators.

“I just told my daughter to get ready to go to school because I’m sure they’re going to figure it out,” said parent Claudia Campbell.

Some parents, like Campbell, questioned whether the school day was even happening.

“Hearing from parents who actually had kids at the school saying they had to leave, that’s when the whole mess really started. Because we thought school was happening, right? Campbell said:

A second message around 9 a.m. told parents there was no air conditioning, phones or internet, but the day was proceeding normally and the cafeteria was serving bag lunches.

By afternoon, the school said only 75 students were on campus.

“It was just weird because the people that you always see in your classes and you see in the hallway just weren’t there,” freshman Jonathan Paul said.

Paul came to school ready to take the exam, but soon left after realizing he had no energy. But he takes it easy.

“Just ready to come back tomorrow with the math quiz,” Paul said.

FPL’s power tracker said damage to FPL equipment caused the outage.



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