What does “side eye” mean on TikTok?  The latest trend is sending the internet into a frenzy

Several individuals online are now using the term “side eye” in response to tweets, memes, current events, and more. This new trend is the latest to take over social media platforms and can be seen all over the web, especially on Twitter and TikTok.

The expression indicates that an individual is judging something using only their eyes.

The “side eye” is the latest to jump on the TikTok trend bandwagon, and several users are now using the phrase to express their displeasure.

What are netizens saying about the “side eye” trend taking over the internet?

The viral TikTok trend is a way for internet users to express how they judge someone or something they don’t like by leaving a comment with the phrase.

In everyday face-to-face interactions, the side eye usually indicates displeasure and is used when a certain situation is pointed out as unimpressive. Therefore, comments with this phrase have now become a way for netizens to show that they do not like the content at hand.

Another variation on this trend is people showing their facial expressions in a video, with the voice saying “side eye” playing in the background.

“Worst thing to come from TikTok”. netizens are not happy with the new trend

Social media users do not approve of this trend, with many even calling it the “worst” TikTok trend online. Speaking about the same, Twitter user @Chlecea_ wrote:

The side eye is the worst thing to come from tiktok

Some of the internet users said that when they first came across this trend, they thought that people were just using this audio because it was trendy, but after learning about the real meaning of the trend, they didn’t like it.

One user, @KrolsCircus, wrote that the phrase is TikTok’s “phrase of the month” and there are a number of comments in which users have included it.

tiktok’s new phrase this month is “side eye,” you can’t even look at the comments without seeing at least one person.

Have you guys ever seen a funny video on tiktok and go to the comments and it’s all side eye and ooh?

“side eye” has got to be the worst ticking saying ever invented because it’s so annoying

side eye tiktok comments are really the most annoying thing ever

tiktok side eye comments are getting really old

A 32-year-old woman cries on TikTok Bc she splits from her 22-year-old husband… side eye.

Logged into tiktok the other day and the first thing I see is this “side eye” trend 💀 yes I deleted it again, it better be that way.

This isn’t the first TikTok trend to make headlines. Gen Z recently shared how they are offended by the thumbs up emoji because they think it’s rude.

However, as soon as Gen Z shared their feelings about emojis on social media, several millennials immediately took to the Internet to say that they often send thumbs-up emojis to their partners, and now they have to think twice before sending it.

Netizens are guessing that now is the time for the phrase “side eye” to come into the limelight.

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