Two men who crashed their car off the side of a mountain in California’s Angeles National Forest on Wednesday were rescued using emergency satellite service on their iPhone 14.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Montrose Search and Rescue Team shows footage of first responders at the scene and video of the helicopter being able to pull it out of remote Monkey Canyon.

“This afternoon at approximately 1:55 p.m., the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station received a call from Apple’s emergency satellite service,” the team said. “Informant and another victim were involved in a single-vehicle accident near Angeles Forest Highway Mile Marker 18.87, Angeles National Forest. Their vehicle went off the side of a mountain approximately 300 feet. They were in a remote canyon with nothing. Cell phone service.”

The victims were able to extricate themselves from the car before using the emergency satellite service on the iPhone 14 to contact the relay center via text message.

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The Montrose Search and Rescue team is tracking two people after a crash in the Angeles National Forest
(LASD Montrose Search and Rescue Team)

“The center contacted our dispatch station, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, patrol units and [the Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau] Air Rescue 5. The call center gave us the exact latitude and longitude of the victims,” the team continued.

Air rescue to find 5 victims and “bring in a paramedic” learned that the patients suffered minor to moderate injuries.

The patients were a woman and a man in their mid-20s.

LASD air rescue lifted 5 injured passengers

LASD air rescue lifted 5 injured passengers
(LASD Special Enforcement Office)

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The helicopter was able to get the victims out of the canyon and transport them to a local hospital.

The Special Enforcement Bureau shared more videos of the rescue on social media.

Aerial view of Monkey Canyon in Angeles National Forest

Aerial view of Monkey Canyon in Angeles National Forest
(LASD Special Enforcement Office)

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Apple’s emergency SOS security service is available to iPhone 14 users in the US and Canada.

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