Minecraft Paths and Tales update gets a release date

In March, Minecraft revealed new details about its 1.20 Trails and Tales update, which emphasizes “self-representation, storytelling, and world-building.” Now, the update finally has a release date.

Today in a blog post that Minecraft Trails and Tales will be free to download on June 7th. The blog post also delves into the details of the update, which introduces a few new mobs and blocks as well as some minor changes. To the fairy tale.

Paths and Tales brings the long-awaited camel, which is suitable for two riders, and the snitch, the “gentle giant” voted by the community in Minecraft Live 2022, as well as two new sets of wood: bamboo and cherry, the latter in the cherry grove (the new biome of the update). Available.

Also included in the update is archeology, its main new mechanic, which allows players to dig in the sand to find tools and pieces of clay that can be put together.

Trails and Tales also introduces armor cuts, allowing for even more customization. The update also includes a few more changes to decorative blocks, including mountable symbols, playable screeching sounds, and the ability to store magical books in a new bookshelf.

In our 2011 review, we called Minecraft 9, “an open world, blank page that you can just jump into and do whatever you want with it.” The game has evolved a lot since then, however, so find out more about Minecraft’s new features, the full story of the game here, and ideas for what to build in 2023 here.

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