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Atelier fans rise up, as publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Gust are set to bring Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy & the Liberator of Polar Night to iOS and Android later this year in Japan, with a western release expected afterward. With any luck, it’s set to be a fresh addition to our best mobile RPGs list, and hopefully, the Atelier Resleriana release date isn’t far away.

The reveal trailer gives us a glimpse at some of the alchemy-infused action, with the series’ normal cute female characters, plenty of silly enemies to bash around, and a colorful environment ready for you to explore. While details are thin on the ground, we do also expect the title to focus on gacha-like mechanics in the same vein as Genshin Impact.

The Atelier franchise is full of great characters and design, so it’s very little surprise to see it dipping its toes into the gacha waters, we just hope it’s all priced fairly. Koei Tecmo provides a brief synopsis that explains the story saying “Protagonist Resna dreamed of spreading the forgotten alchemy to the world once again. Her adventure begins as she sets out for the legendary land ‘The Continent of the End,’ where the clues she seeks are said to lie.”

If you’re excited about the Atelier Resleriana release date, be sure to check out the full reveal trailer below.

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Atelier Resleriana release date speculation

Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Gust are aiming to release Atelier Resleriana for iOS and Android in Japan later this year. We expect to hear more details about a Western release in the near future.

That’s all we have for the Atelier Resleriana release date today, folks, but check back for more information soon. If you need something to play now, why not hop on over and check out our guide to the best mobile MMORPGs next?