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Considering that your phone also functions as your GPS, calendar wallet and much more, getting caught with a dead battery can throw a serious wrench in your day. Fortunately, there are portable battery packs that are designed to prevent that, and if you’re an iPhone user, right now you can pick one up for less. AmazonBest Buy and Walmart are currently offering $28 off Apple’s MagSafe battery pack, dropping the price down to just $71. Not all retailers have a clear-cut expiration for this deal, but discounts on Apple devices and accessories rarely last for long. We’d recommend getting your order in soon if you’re hoping to grab one at this price. 

This MagSafe battery pack is perfect for those busy days where you don’t have a chance to plug your phone in and wait for it to recharge. With built-in magnets, it stays attached and perfectly aligned on the back of your iPhone 12 for wireless charging on the go. According to Apple, it can hold enough juice to recharge your base model iPhone 12, 13 or 14 up to 60%, or up to 40% on the larger Plus andPro Max models. Plus, it can deliver even faster charging, up to 20W, when connected to a Lightning cable and power adapter. This battery pack isn’t the only helpful MagSafe iPhone attachment, either. Check out our roundup of all the best MagSafe accessories, including grips, stands, wallets and more, to help make the most of your Apple phone.