Google Chrome is now 30% faster on Android, but should you give up Samsung Internet?

Earlier this month, Google started rolling out Chrome 112 to Android. If you’ve used this web browser on your Samsung smartphone or tablet and found it running much faster than before, you’re not alone. According to Google’s latest blog post, Chrome 112 offers an astounding 30% faster performance on Android devices, especially high-end ones.

According to Google, the Chromium team has made improvements to “some JavaScript functions, such as toString() and join(), that are used in many sites and web frameworks.” Thanks to this, Chrome 112 can perform up to 30% faster on Android devices compared to Chrome 111. However, the company emphasizes that these improvements “maximize Chrome performance on high-end devices.

Samsung Internet may still be better for slower devices

Google hasn’t explained why these changes offer performance improvements only on high-end devices, but based on the company’s statement, one thing is clear: if you’re using an entry-level or mid-range smartphone/tablet , you are better. using Samsung Internet. Compared to Chrome, it is lighter on resources and therefore offers faster performance on devices with slower chipsets.

In addition to hogging fewer resources, Samsung Internet also offers a number of customization options that Chrome lacks, making it ideal for someone who wants to customize the web browser according to their usage for easier navigation. However, if you are a Chrome fan and own a high-end Samsung smartphone or tablet, you should get the latest Chrome update to enjoy a faster web browsing experience.



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